>60% of GSGM's U.S. and European clients have either existing Sourcing and/or Sales and Marketing offices outside of the U.S., but still engage us - we are team players and understand the cultural nuances of working with foreign operations.

Engagement Example

A global leader in the small engine marketplace engaged GSGM to handle its China sourcing initiative -


  • Thirty companies foreign and domestic (in China)

  • GSGM contacted each company and prioritized the opportunity.

  • Executive management has visited twice with potential suppliers.

  • Greater than $50 million of work to be placed

  • Strategic partnering negotiations ongoing as facilitated by GSGM

Engagement Example

A global leader in fuel control systems asked GSGM to assume the lead for their due diligence effort on the acquisition of a Chinese company  



Engagement Example:

A leading aftermarket automotive company engaged GSGM to conduct a detailed market report for the Top 10 leading steering component suppliers in China, Korea and Taiwan.

Advanced Camshaft Technology

"GSGM specializes in developing highly successful cost reduction programs for companies interest in sourcing components in the Asia Pacific region.  Through the vast local supplier network maintained by GSGM companies will be able to develop highly successful programs with Asian suppliers that produce high quality and low cost components. 

We highly recommend GSGM as your Asian sourcing agent."

TJ Chung, Former Vice President & President, New Technologies, Brunswick Corporation



For over 30 years, GSGM has worked with its partners to identify, qualify and develop leading sources of supply for multiple industrial segments. 

Why is GSGM's model unique?  We work for you, the Western buyer, on your behalf in Asia. Acting as your eyes and ears on the ground, we are fixed fee based and do not take a percentage of savings.  Purchase orders are cut directly from you to the supplier - no middlemen, no unnecessary markups. 

Our sourcing staff is highly-technical with degreed engineers, metallurgists and sourcing professionals.  

Tools Utilized by GSGM's Sourcing Team:

  • WebEx communication hub

  • Online, web-based project repositories housing all project information

  • Detailed Project Tracking Sheets

  • Matrix based recommendation output

  • APQP approach to launching all new programs



  • Suppliers substituting local materials without the consultation of your engineering and metallurgical teams?

  • A supplier outsourcing part of the manufacturing process (i.e. machining) when you were told everything was done in-house?

  • PPAP data does not match the actual physical part layouts

  • No provisions in contracts for raw material or foreign exchange movement?

  • Lack of lot segregation or work instructions upon visitation

  • The brochure looked great..the website even better..the plant was a hole in the ground

  • Found out that you were really dealing with a trading company and not the manufacturer directly - creating unnecessary markups and lack of direct communication with the people making your parts

  • Found out the your supplier has changed without any notice or approval by your organization

  • Lack of timely response

  • Found out that your "Advisor" utilized an online directory without ever visiting the plant and after you have spent countless thousands?






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